We're riding the Gauntlet, only one slot left!

Ho Cowpokes!

Want to play our shiny new game? 

New playtest sessions on the Gauntlet for October–November are now available. However, they's filling up fast—only one slot left, so better get a wiggle on!

New to the Gauntlet? Here's the whole kit & kaboodle. There's still 24 hours of priority signup to run, but after that it's free-for-all.

Wait Lists are welcome and rules will be taught, so noprior experience required. Though a familiarity with regular poker wouldn't go astray. 

There's also a session running at the Gauntlet Open Community Gaming (GCOG) event which starts in just a few days! That there's full but there's still open slots available in other fine games, and you're more than welcome to add your name to any Wait List.

Hope to see y'all there!

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