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Almost 50% funded!
Whoa Gunfighters, has it been a heck of a month! We almost reached 50% funding for that there first milestone—thanks again to everyone who supported the proje...
Now Playing at Go Play NW!!
Yahoo! THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE GLORY now got 2 playtest sessions up & running at Go Play NW's online event ! Come meet old friends, make new ones, play & playte...
We're riding the Gauntlet, only one slot left!
Ho Cowpokes! Want to play our shiny new game? New playtest sessions on the Gauntlet for October–November are now available. However, they's filling up fast—...
Hats off to our first Glory Town Pioneers!
Howdy! We'd like to take a moment to thank all folks who've supported us thus far. First and foremost, we'd like to thank our Glory Town Pioneers ! You trailbla...
Update 1.01: Safety is paramount!
Safety is exceedingly important to us! That's why—in addition to them safety tools we've referenced—we've added content warnings to both our project page an...
Saddle Up, Amigos! There's a New ITCHFUNDING in Town…
EARLY-ACCESS & ITCHFUNDING IS LIVE! V2S Games is delighted to announce the early-access launch of its first ever game and Itchfunding campaign— THE GOOD, THE...
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Welcome to Glory Town and the community pages for THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE GLORY! Please read this Code of Conduct for engaging with our community.
A place to hang out, swap stories and discuss THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE GLORY.
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The primary periodical published for the Glory Town community. Accepting submissions for articles, tributes and advertisements now!
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Find the illustrious names of our Glory Town Pioneers recognized here! If you'like to see your gunfighter's name & glory pinned to the Glory Boards, please enquire within .
Find the latest announcements regarding updates, support and developments here!
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Find a game! 2 topics
Looking for players or where to find (TGtBatG) games? Here's a likely place to look and post.
Want to leave a kindness, comment or review? Thank you! They're all welcome here.
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Got a question? Get help from the Glory Town community here.
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hanks so much for reading! Want to help improve the text, please post requests and feedback here.
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Thanks so much for playing! Want to help improve game play? Please post requests and feedback here.
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